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2018.11.131. National Conference: „Climate adaptation services – Climate preparedness in the field“

During the 1. National Conference „Climate adaptation services – Climate preparedness in the Field“ on the 12th of November 2018 in the Federal Environment Agency in Dessau-Roßlau offers and services concerning climate change adaption were discussed and looked at from various angles. In technical lectures, improvised theatrical mise-en-scènes, a marketplace for climate adaption services and deepening workshops about 135 participants pursued relevant questions.

1. Nationalen Konferenz „Klimaanpassungsdienste – Klimavorsorge in der Praxis“ Hustle and bustle on the "Market of Climate Adaption Services"

After a warm welcome and introducing words from Dr. Kora Kristof, head of department for sustainability strategies, resource conservation and instruments at the Federal Environment Agency, the audience was shaken awake by three actors and actresses with an improvised stunt giving an introduction to the topic. Subsequently, Susanne Hempen from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, and Petra Mahrenholz, head of the KomPass-Team in the Federal Environment Agency, informed about the political frame in the field of climate adaption and the specific contents of the KlimAdapt project. In an open forum five discussers tried to figure out the state of the art regarding the practice of the adaption to climate change.

Menschen, die sich unterhalten und informieren. Participants inform themselves about Climate Adaption Services

During the break, networking and exchanging was supported by the format of a „Market for Climate Adaption Services“. Following, the participants came together in several workshops to take a closer look at specific questions and topics. Afterwards, the most important findings were presented in the plenum. Finally, Kirsten Sander, project head for the KLiVO-portal in the Federal Environment Agency, took a look ahead and revealed how the project and especially the KLiVO-portal is meant to develop in the future.

Our conclusion: There are many climate adaption services, but the form and figure of their usage should be presented more clearly. The direct exchange between users and providers as well as the usage of feedback to refine climate adaption services is highly important and will experience a higher priority.

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