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2018.09.25Evaluation of the German Adaptation Strategy

The Evaluation of the German Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change (DAS) (German) analyses the development and impact of the DAS. The insights gained and the recommendations derived from them have now been published in the first evaluation report. The evaluation focuses on the period since the publication of the progress report on the DAS in 2015.

Are the framework conditions suitable for work on the DAS process? What is the implementation status of Adaptation Action Plan II? To what extent has the topic of adaptation been anchored at federal government level? To what extent has it been possible to strengthen preventive behaviour by citizens and companies? Has it been possible to enhance adaptability and reduce vulnerability? These were the guiding questions in order to examine whether the measures and instruments in the DAS are suitable for achieving the DAS goals. On the basis of the analysis, the evaluation report (German) makes recommendations on how adaptation to climate change in Germany, and in particular the further development of the DAS, can be strengthened.

On behalf of the Interministerial Working Group on Adaptation (IMAA), the Federal Environment Agency commissioned the first evaluation of the DAS. The evaluation was carried out in 2017/2018 by adelphi (Berlin) and Ceval (Saarbrücken) in order to guarantee the independence of the evaluation.

In addition to the evaluation report, the Federal Environment Agency published the Methodology for the Evaluation of DAS and a manual on the development of methods for the evaluation of adaptation strategies.

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